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Glenbuchat Heritage

178 George Farqhuarson, Mill of Glenbuchat
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178 George Farqhuarson, Mill of Glenbuchat

Farquharson George

On Sunday 14th December 2014, George Farquharson of the Mill of Glenbuchat, died at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary at the age of 71 after a short illness.

The photographs above show:
George Farquharson 2014
George and Brother Willie at the Old Mill of Glenbuchat 1980’s
Celebration of George’s 50 years as Hall Keeper 2012
George Farquharson 2012

George had been born into the Mill of Glenbuchat and this was the place he stayed for the rest of his life. His father was William Farquharson and Mother Isabella McRobbie. George was one of a family of six with an elder brother William or Willie, and four sisters, three of whom survive him.

George was born in 1943 and his mother died in March 1952, when George was only 9 years old. His father William died in 1971. After his father’s death and his sisters left to get married George lived at the Mill of Glenbuchat with his brother Willie until his brother’s death in 1998 when George lived on at the Mill by himself.

George’s whole life was centred in and Glenbuchat. A visit to Alford, 20 miles away, was an uncommon occasion, and a trip to Aberdeen was rarer indeed. Despite this George was not isolated as he read his Press and Journal religiously and new all about world events and would happily discuss the rising property prices in Aberdeen.

George went to the local School at Glenbuchat and Towie and his working life was spend round the 20 acre croft worked by his father and latterly himself and his brother. George also helped out with the local estates and regularly took part in grouse beating. He was also a regular help to others in the Glen, whether it was looking after vacant property, putting out bins or visiting the sick and elderly. Although George possessed a car he was most often to be seen cycling round the Glen.

At the age of 19, in 1962, George offered to assist the hall keeper at the Glenbuchat Hall and continued in this post until his death 52 years later. His 50th anniversary as Hall Keeper was celebrated by a gathering at the hall in 2012, with the presentation of a plaque to mark the occasion. George recalls the early years of the hall before mains electricity came in the 1960’s. The Hall had a temperamental generator for lighting and George had to top up and maintain the paraffin heaters. The Hall then was the centre of the Glen social life and there were regular dances held there. In the 1950’s George recalled gangs of Teddy boys coming over from Lumsden to cause trouble with their bicycle chains. They were however seen of by a rather large and muscular resident of the Glen.

George was a mine of information about the history of the Glen and knew the past occupant of every cottage. He was a link with the Glen of a previous generation who valued independence, self-sufficiency and a love of his native land. Despite this George was always friendly to the new comers to the Glen and he was a good judge of character. He was always on good terms with everyone whether aristocrat, academic or estate worker.

His friendly face, valuable local knowledge and constant presence in the Glen will be missed by many.

George Farquharson’s Family Tree

Robert Farquharson
Born in Allargue, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire
Elspet Anderson on before 1650. She was born in Candacraig, Strathdon,
Child of Robert Farquharson and Elspet Anderson:
John Farquharson born about 1630 Allargue, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire

John Farquharson born on about 1630 in Allargue, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire
married ‎(unknown)‎ Farquharson on before 1675.
Children of John Farquharson and ‎(unknown)‎ Farquharson:
1 Andrew Farquharson born: about1675 D: about 1742
2 Elspet Farquharson born:before 1665 M: John Farquharson, 1675, Tarland, Aberdeenshire
3 Margaret Farquharson born:before 1671 M: Robert Michie, 1681, Castleton Of Corgarff
4. Janet Farquharson born: before 1672 M: James Stewart, 1682, Abernethy
5. Ann Or Anna Farquharson born:1670

Andrew Farquharson
born on about 1675
died on about 1742.
married Barbara Stewart on 1706. She was born in Acholie ?
Child of Andrew Farquharson and Barbara Stewart:
1. William Farquharson born: about1713

Farquharson, William
Born: 1717 or earlier
Marriage: Jochebed Allanach, in July 1735, daughter of Alexander Allanach (above) and Unknown, in July 1735.
(Jochebed Allanach was christened on 5 December 1712 in Strathdon Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland .)
William Farquharson, born in 1713 or 1714, married July 1735 Jochebed Allanach, daughter of Alex Allanach and according to Farquharson Genealogies his sons were as follows. In 1768 Alexander McHardy in Tolduquhill in his will settled an account of 3s-9d sterling due to William Farqson in Achearnach [Auchernach]. Presumably this was due to this William or his son below.
Children of William Farquharson and Jochebed Allanach
1. William Farquharson born on before1761

Alexander Allanach,
Christened: 1694 or earlier
Marriage: Unknown

Jochebed Allanach,
Christened: 5 December 1712, Strathdon Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Marriage: Farquharson, William in July 1735 1
Jochebed married William Farquharson in July 1735.1 (William Farquharson was born 1717 or earlier.)

William Farquharson
Born on before 1761
He married Cecilia Forbes on about 1776. She was born on about 1761 and died on about 1841.
Children of William Farquharson and Cecilia Forbes:
1. Bathy Farquharson born: about1776
2. Robert Farquharson born: about1779 D: 23 February 1859 Toldaquhil, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire
3. James Farquharson born: about1781 M: Isabella Davidson D:
4. Charles Farquharson born: about1791 Strathdon D: 8 August 1873 Nether Tolduquhill,

Robert Farquharson
Born on about 1779
Died on 23 February 1859 in Toldaquhil, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire.
He married Diana McHardy. She was born on about 1781 and died on 10 February 1848 in Toldaquhil, Strathdon,
Child of Robert Farquharson and Diana McHardy:
1. William Farquharson

Charles Farquharson
Born on about 1791 in Strathdon
Died on 8 August 1873 in Nether Tolduquhill, Glenbucket,
He married Margaret Forbes Daughter of Hary Forbes and Jane or Jean McHardy on about 1826 in Strathdon. She was born on 7 February 1792 in Rhinstock, Strathdon and died on 19 June 1867 in Tolduquhill,
Children of Charles Farquharson and Margaret Forbes:
1. Mary Farquharson born: about1828 Strathdon D: 30 January 1885 Hospital for Incurables, Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland
2. Robert Farquharson born: about1831 D: after 1873
3. Alexander Farquharson born: about1835 D:
4. John Farquharson born: about1837 D:
5. Peter Farquharson born: about1832 M: Mary Cameron D: 1869 Aberdeen

Mary Farquharson
Born on about 1828 in Strathdon
Died on 30 January 1885 in Hospital for Incurables, Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Married William McRobbie Son of Harry McRobbie and Isobel Glennie on 26 January 1851 in Tullynessle. He was born on 21 November 1820 in Glenbucket, Aberdeen, Scotland and died on 27 May 1863 in 2 Clarks Court, Upper Kirkgate, Aberdeen.
Children of William McRobbie and Mary Farquharson:
1. Isabella McRobbie born: about1851 M: John Downie, 19 June 1872, 14 Blackfriars Street, Aberdeen
2. Harry McRobbie born:12 October 1852 Wester Carnie, Skene, Aberdeenshire D: 15 June 1925 Avon Cottage, Torphins, Kincardine O'neil, Aberdeenshire
3. Alexander McRobbie born:28 January 1854 Hill Carnie, Skene, Aberdeenshire D: 2 January 1936 23 Bright Street, Aberdeen
4. Charles McRobbie born:8 April 1856 Wester Carnie, Skene D: 6 January 1907 Shilmonal, Methlick, Aberdeen
5 Mary McRobbie born:16 November 1857 Wester Carnie, Skene
6. William McRobbie born:16 August 1859 Wester Carnie, Skene
◄ ◄ ◄

Harry McRobbie
Born on 12 October 1852 in Wester Carnie, Skene,
Died on 15 June 1925 in Avon Cottage, Torphins, Kincardine O'neil,
He married Mary Ann Clark Daughter of James Clark and Ann Glass on 23 January 1880 in 7 Denburn Terrace, Old Machar, Scotland. She was born on 24 April 1858 in Rhinstock, Strathdon and died on 22 November 1946 in 75 Hammerfield Avenue, Aberdeen.
Children of Harry McRobbie and Mary Ann Clark:
1. Private
2. James McRobbie born:19 April 1879 Strathdon, Aberdeenshire
3. Harry McRobbie born: about1880 Glenbucket D: 15 March 1922 Belnaboth, Glenbuchat, Aberdeenshire
4. William McRobbie born:23 April 1883 Rhintaing, Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire D:
5. Charles McRobbie born:26 June 1885 Rhintaing, Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire D: 2 July 1886 Rhintaing, Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire
6. Mary A McRobbie born: about1887 Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire
7. Private
8. Margaret McRobbie born: about1891 Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire
9. Anne Glass McRobbie born: about1897
10. Alexander McRobbie born:1900 Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire

Harry McRobbie
Born on about 1880 in Glenbucket
Died on 15 March 1922 in Belnaboth, Glenbuchat, and Aberdeenshire.
He married Maggie Young Daughter of John Young and Ann Davidson on 5 October 1906 in Public Hall, Glenbuchat, She died on after 1922.
Children of Harry McRobbie and Maggie Young:
1. Mary Ann McRobbie born: about1909 Glenbucket, Aberdeen, Scotland? D: 8 January 1919 Old Rayne, Aberdeen, Scotland
2. Harriet McRobbie born: about1920 D: 26 April 1921 Alford District Hospital, Forbes, Aberdeenshire

Alexander McRobbie
Born on 28 January 1854 in Hill Carnie, Skene, Aberdeenshire
Died on 2 January 1936 in 23 Bright Street, Aberdeen. He married Agnes Sievewright Daughter of George Sievewright and Margaret Imray on 23 December 1874 in 4 Darlington Place, West North Street, Aberdeen. She was born on 27 April 1855 in Victoria Cottage, Banchory Ternan and died on 11 June 1918 in 10 Margaret Street, Aberdeen.
Children of Alexander McRobbie and Agnes Sievewright:
1. Agnes McRobbie born:23 January 1876 Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland D: Australia
2. Alexander McRobbie born: about1875 Aberdeen, Scotland D: Australia
3. Mary McRobbie born: about1880 D: about 1915 USA
4. George S‎ievwright‎ McRobbie born: about1882 Aberdeen, Scotland D: Australia
5. William McRobbie born:16 October 1883 9 Skene Row, Aberdeen, Scotland D: December 1978 Yountville, Napa, California
6. Charles McRobbie born: about1886 Aberdeen, Scotland
7. John McRobbie born: about1888 Aberdeen, Scotland D: Australia
8. Bella Milne McRobbie born:28 February 1890 30 Allan Street, Aberdeen D: 18 January 1963 Aberdeen ‎(23 Bright Street)‎
9. James McRobbie born:4 December 1892 160 Crown Street, Aberdeen D: 1 November 1924 Aberdeen
10. Allan McRobbie born: about1894 D: 14 October 1915 Etaples France
11. Stuart McRobbie born: about1896 D: USA
12. Frank Downie McRobbie born: about1897 D: 15 August 1941 Dunbar Hospital, Thurso, Caithness
13. ‎(unknown)‎ McRobbie born:1899 Aberdeen D: before 1902
14. Annie McRobbie born:14 April 1901 68 Duthie Terrace, Aberdeen. D: 2002 Inchmarlo, Banchory

Bella Milne McRobbie
Born on 28 February 1890 in 30 Allan Street, Aberdeen
Died on 18 January 1963 in Aberdeen ‎(23 Bright Street)‎. married Thomas Diack Son of Adam Diack and Annie Stephenson Watson on 28 January 1920 in Aberdeen 2 Union Place. He was born on 8 June 1889 in Portknockie Railway Station, Banffshire and died on 28 September 1953 in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.
Child of Thomas Diack and Bella Milne McRobbie:
1. Sqn Ldr Alan George Diack born:1 December 1932 Aberdeen D: 11 January 1994 Aberdeen

Frank Downie McRobbie
Born on about 1897
Died on 15 August 1941 in Dunbar Hospital, Thurso, Caithness.
Child of Frank Downie McRobbie and Private:
1. Private

Charles McRobbie
Born on 8 April 1856 in Wester Carnie, Skene
Died on 6 January 1907 in Shilmonal, Methlick,
William McRobbie –
Mary Farquharson –
Catherine McPherson1867 - 1915
He married Catherine McPherson Daughter of Robert McPherson and Jean Beattie on 1 June 1888 in
Deochry, Glenbucket, She was born on 21 April 1867 in Glenbucket, and died on before 1919.
Children of Charles McRobbie and Catherine McPherson:
1. Ellen McRobbie born: about1886 Strathdon, d
2. Mary Jane McRobbie born: about1888 Strathdon, died 1966
3. Ann McRobbie born: about1889 Strathdon, M. William James Riddell, 5 June 1915, Inverrurie died 1974
4. Charles McRobbie born: about1891 Strathdon, M: Annie McWilliam, 28 July 1917, 1 Fonthill Road, Aberdeen died 1935
5. Isabella McRobbie born: about1892 Towie, died 1920
6. Maggie McRobbie born: about1895 Towie, M: Robert McWilliam D: 6 March 1953 ARI, Aberdeen, Usual Residence Scotstown Lodger, Old Machar
7. Alexander McRobbie born:1896 Towie,
8. Agnes McRobbie born:14 June 1898 Towie died 1981
9 John McRobbie1901 - 1976

Mary Jane (McPherson) McRobbie
Birth 23 Mar 1888 in Deochry, Glenbucket Death 21 Feb 1966 in Inverurie Hospital Inverurie
Charles McRobbie1856 - 1907
Catherine McPherson1867 - 1915
Alexander Mackie1892 – 1977
Married Alexander Mackie on 12 December 1918 in The Manse, Inverurie, Aberdeen. He was born on about 1892
Private –
Alexander John Mackie1923 - 1972
Isabella Mackie1926 - 2008
Unknown Spouse
Mary McRobbie1908 - 1970
Robert McRobbie1910 - 1952
Isabella McRobbie 1914 - 1952

1901 Scotland Census about Mary Jane McRobbie
Name: Mary Jane McRobbie Age: 13 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1888
Relationship: Daur (Daughter)
Father's Name: Charles McRobbie
Mother's name: Catherine McRobbie
Gender: Female
Where born: Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire
Address: Windyside
Occupation: Scholar
Household Members: Name Age
Charles McRobbie44
Catherine McRobbie33
Mary Jane McRobbie13
Ann McRobbie11
Charles McRobbie10
Isabella McRobbie9
Maggie McRobbie5
Alexander McRobbie4
Agnes McRobbie2

Isabella McRobbie
Birth 4 Jan 1914 in 7 Mill Road Port Elphinstone Kintore
Death 2 Mar 1952 in Mill Glenbuchat Aberdeenshireaged about 38
Noted as having no father named. Mother later married Alick Mackie.
Cause of her death was Cerebral Oedema fom Cerebral Tumour.
Mary Jane (McPherson) McRobbie1888 - 1966
William Farquharson1903 -
Private –
Private –
Private –
Private –
George Farquharson 1943 - 2014
William Farquharson 1937 - 1998

William Farquharson
Birth 1903
William Farquharson –
Elizabeth Clark –
Isabella McRobbie 1914 - 1952
Marriage to Isabella McRobbie 1937 16 Jan - Age: 34 Altnacraig Glenbuchat
Private –
Private –
Private –
Private –
George Farquharson 1943 - 2014
William Farquharson 1937 - 1998
Occupation Crofter Mill Glenbuchat

William Farquharson
Birth 15 NOV 1937 in Mill Glenbuchat
Death MAY 1998 in Dr Grays Hospital Elgin
William Farquharson1903 –
Isabella McRobbie1914 - 1952
No Spouse or Children

George Farquharson
Birth 1943 in Mill Glenbuchat
Death 14 Dec 2014in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
William Farquharson1903 –
Isabella McRobbie1914 - 1952
No Spouse or Children

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