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Glenbuchat Heritage

96 Beltimb 1850 map
The Glenbuchat Image Library
96 Beltimb 1850 map

Beltimb (Glenbucket)., Beltom, Baile tuiniy "town of the knoll."

Search on 'Beltimb'for more details and pictures of Beltimb. Note especially the pictures of old Cruck framed cottage. Details of building noted below.

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From The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
Cruck-framed cottage

Beltimb farmsteading is no longer in agricultural use, its cottage is now a holiday home and most of the former steading has been demolished. The only part of the steading that still survives is the L-shaped barn, on the SW side of which there is a well preserved horse-engine platform with a central, stone-lined gear-pit.
On the NW side of the steading, immediately to the N of the track that approaches from the W, there are the remains of a kiln, comprising a bowl, measuring about 3.9m in overall diameter, and a small sub square compartment immediately to its NW. Only about two-thirds of the bowl survives and it is about 2.3m in diameter and 0.5m in depth. The flue was presumably situated on the W, facing into the adjacent compartment, but this part of the bowl has been removed. This compartment measures about 4.3m square over grass-grown footings and has a possible entrance in its W wall.
The cruck-framed cottage, which is depicted roofed on the 1st edition of the OS 6-inch map (Aberdeenshire 1869, sheet LX) and unroofed on the 2nd edition map (1903, sheet LX), was demolished some time ago and has been reduced to a heap of rubble. A well-preserved limekiln (NJ31NE 100) is situated about 90m W of the steading.
Visited by RCAHMS (JRS), 28 October 1999

The remains of a pen or small hut, measuring 4.3m from NW to SE by 3.2m transversely over low, grass-grown wall-footings, appears to underlie a stone dyke 280m NW of Beltimb steading (NJ31NE 4).
Visited by RCAHMS (JRS, ATW), 14 May 1997.

Nothing is now visible of this building, which was probably a cottage. Its site lies in an improved field 650m W of Beltimb steading (NJ31NE 4.00). The cottage is depicted as roofed on both the 1st and 2nd editions of the OS 6-inch map (Aberdeenshire, sheet lx, 1869 and 1903).
Visited by RCAHMS (JRS, ARG) 2 October 1998.

The remains of this building, which was probably a cottage, are situated in rough pasture about 330m ENE of the abandoned farmsteading of Beltimb (NJ31NE 4.00). The building measures 16.4m from ESE to WNW by 4.9m transversely over grass-grown stone wall-footings 1m in thickness and up to 0.3m in height. It contains two compartments, each with entrances in the SSW side, and there is a small outshot attached to the ESE end.
Visited by RCAHMS (JRS, ATW), 14 May 1997.

The remains of this cottage are situated in rough pasture 230m ENE of Beltimb farmsteading (NJ31NE 4.00). The cottage has been set into the foot of a S-facing rise and measures about 12m from E to W by 5.6m transversely over grass-grown footings. On the N the interior has been dug into the slope to a depth of about 0.5m.
The cottage is depicted as roofed on both the 1st and 2nd editions of the OS 6-inch map (Aberdeenshire 1869 and 1903, sheet l); on the latter it is named Tomachal.
Visited by RCAHMS (JRS), 28 October 1999.

Beltimb, Sand Pit
This disused sand-pit is situated 160m NE of Beltimb farmsteading (NJ31NE 4.00); it measures about 15m in diameter by 2.5m in depth and it opens onto a track on the SW. The pit is first depicted on the 2nd edition of the OS 6-inch map (Aberdeenshire 1903, sheet l).
Visited by RCAHMS (JRS), 28 October 1999.

'In Glenbuchat the only house of this kind [cruck-framed or -coupled] stands at Beltimb, with part of the roof intact. The whole structure is extraordinarily primitive. It was occupied until the beginning of the present [20th] century.
H Hamilton 1945.
Cruck-framed cottage: location cited as NJ 378 172.
G Stell 1981.

Allt Na Comhnuidh
Beltimb; Upperton; Creag An Sgor
Archaeological Notes
The heather-grown stone footings of a building (NJ 3737 1837), measuring about 6.7m from NE to SW by 4.9m transversely overall, are situated in moorland to the SE of the Allt na Comhnuidh. The building, which has an entrance in its SE side, is depicted as roofed on the 1st edition of the OS 6-inch map (Aberdeenshire, sheet l, 1869).
About 35m to the SW of the building there are the remains of a structure (NJ 3734 1834), possibly a target-butt for a rifle-range or alternatively a game-larder, which has been built into the NW-facing slope. Rectangular on plan and of dry-stone construction, it measures 3.5m from NW to SE by 1.3m transversely and 1.8m in depth below ground-level at the SE end. The entrance is on the NW by way of a narrow, stone-lined passage measuring 3.5m in length and 1.1m in breadth.
Visited by RCAHMS (JRS, ATW), 14 May 1997.

Allt Na Comhnuidh
The remains of at least six sheiling-huts are situated in heather moorland on the edge of the steep, right (NW) bank of a short tributary stream of the Allt na Comhnuidh. Five are subrectangular structures, containing single compartments, and range in size from 5.2m to 5.7m in overall length. The sixth, containing two compartments, measures 11.4m from N to S by 4.9m transversely over slightly bowed side-walls up to 1m thickness and 0.2m in height.
Visited by RCAHMS (JRS), 14 May 1997.

Ellen Burn
Beltimb; Upperton; Creag An Sgor
Quarry Scoop(s), Shieling Hut
The remains of this subrectangular hut are situated on a low terrace in heather moorland about 60m N of the Ellen Burn. The hut measures about 5.5m from NE to SW by 4m transversely over walls 0.6m in thickness and 0.3m in height; the entrance is on the SE. There are a number of small quarry-pits between the hut and the burn.
Visited by RCAHMS (JRS), 14 May 1997.

From Land of the lost by Robert Smith
“In 1906 only one thatched house remained in Glenbuchat. It was at Beltimb and it was the last of the old 'cruck framed' cottages in the glen. The couples supporting the roof were sunk deeply into the walls almost to ground level so that the walls themselves bore none of the weight of the roof. This, the last 'thack' in the glen, was demolished to make way for a modern cottage. “

Definition of “thack”
“This outer layer was generically known as 'thack', but, owing to the fact that the vast majority of buildings in early times were covered with a thacking of straw or some similar material, 'thatch' gradually acquired it's modern restricted significance of straw, or reed, heling.” — L.F. Salzman, Building in England , p. 223.

From The Book of Glenbuchat, ed. W. Douglas Simpson, Third Spalding Club, 1942, 43 seq. “In Glenbuchat the only house of this kind stands at Beltimb, with part of the roof intact. The whole structure is extraordinarily primitive. It was occupied until the beginning of the present century.”

Residents of Beltimb
1696 Poll Book
Item, Alexander Reid, tennent, and widower, his generall poll £0 6 0
Item, Patrick Reid, tennent, and his wife, their generall poll 0 12 0
Item, William Kelles tennent, and his wife, generall poll 0 12 0
£1 10 0

1841 Census
Alexander Brown 60 Farmer y.
Jean do 45 y.
Margaret do 20 y.
William Ogg 75 Ind. y.
William Johnstone 30 Ag. Lab. y.
John Semmerd(?) 13 Ag. Lab. y.
Jean Patterson 12 F.S. y.

1851 Census
Alexr Brown Head Mar 72 Farmer (of 26 acres) employing 3 Lab Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Jean Gauld Wife Mar 53 Farmer's Wife Aberdeenshire, Cromar
John Young Servt U 19 Farm Labourer Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Charles Inch Servt U 11 Farm Labourer Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Elspet Coutts Servt U 20 House Servant Aberdeenshire

Willm Johnston Head Mar 42 Farmer Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Margaret Brown Wife Mar 29 Farmer's wife Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Alexander Johnston Son 3 Farmer's son do, do
Jean Johnston Daur 1 Farmer's daur do, do

1918 Voters Roll
Alexander Johnston

From Strathdon Vital Records

Brown, Jean (married) wife of a farmer
1859 January eighteenth Beltim Glenbucket Aberdeenshire 10h 0m PM
F: 61 years
parents: Peter Gauld, crofter (deceased) & Isabel Daun (deceased)
cause: Dropsy 4 months. As certified by Alexr Robb MD Inverkindie who saw deceased Janry 16th 1859
buried: Churchyard of Glenbucket as certified by John Kellas gravedigger, informant: Alexr Brown, husband (present)
1859 January 22nd at Glenbucket. William Reid Registrar

Margaret Johnston (Widow of William Johnston, Farmer)
1900 December Thirteenth 9h 50m PM Beltimb, Glenbucket
F: 79 years
parents: Alexander Brown, Farmer (deceased) & Jane Brown ms Gauld (deceased)
cause: Morbus Cordis, 2 years; General Debility, gradual. As certified by James McKay MB ChB, informant: Alexr Johnston, son (present)
1900 December 19th at Glenbucket

From Aberdeenshire Roll of Honour
George Johnston
Signaller, Royal Field Artillery.
Son of Hellen Johnstone (Beltimb) Emigrated to Canada in the 1920s
Alex Fraser
Corporal, American Expeditionary Force.
Son of William Fraser (shop) and Mary Anne Johnstone (Beltimb) emigrated to USA before WW1 and came back with US Army

Alan Johnston whose family lived at Beltimb has contributed the following:

My family were in Beltimb at least from 1819 when Alexander Brown married Jean Gauld from Craigengower in Glenkindie (see marriage entry).
Alexander’s sister Isobel married Robert Johnston, blacksmith, and they had three children, William and Hugh, born in Glenbuchat, and Ann born in Tough ( see sampler and transcription). William came to work for his uncle and later married his cousin Margaret Brown. They had eight of a family.
William died in 1885 and Margaret carried on the farm until she died in 1900.
My great uncle Sandy then farmed until my father, John Johnston, took over in the 1920s. He married there, and my elder brothers Sandy & George were born there.
The family moved to Milton where my younger brother Gordon & I were born. I believe Beltimb was then taken on by my uncle by marriage Sandy Thom.

Possibly Beltimb was previously farmed by William Ogg (see 1841 Census & gravestone transcription), Alexander Brown’s cousin. So far I have not been able to figure out how he is a cousin. I understand in those days cousin could cover several relationships.
The earliest reference I have to Browns is the birth of Alexander Brown’s aunt Jean in1733 to William Brown in Cottown.
Alexander’s father John was born in 1744.
Again I have no trace of John’s sisters Jean, Isobel Margaret & Mary.

1861 Census
Alexander Brown Head 82 Farmer (of 26 Ac) Emp 2 men & a boy Glenbucket
William Johnston Son-in-law 53 Glenbucket
Margt Johnston Daughter 40 Farmer’s daughter Glenbucket
Alexander Johnston Grandson 13 Scholar Glenbucket
Jean Johnston Granddaughter 11 Scholar Glenbucket
Robert Johnston Grandson 8 Scholar Glenbucket
Margaret Johnston Granddaughter 6 Scholar Glenbucket
Mary Ann Johnston Granddaughter 4 Glenbucket
George Brown Servant 51 Ag Lab* Glenbucket
*In fact AB’s (illegitimate?) son by Isobel Michie

1871 Census
William Johnston Head 62 Farmer of 40 ac 20 ???? Glenbucket
Margaret Johnston Wife 49 Farmer’s wife Glenbucket
Alexander Johnston Son 23 Farmer’s son Glenbucket
Jane Johnston Daughter 21 Farmer’s daughter Glenbucket
Robert Johnston Son 18 Farmer’s son Glenbucket
Margaret Johnston Daughter 15 Scholar Glenbucket
Mary A Johnston Daughter 12 Scholar Glenbucket
Helen Johnston Daughter 8 Scholar Glenbucket
Anne Johnston Daughter 6 Scholar Glenbucket
William Johnston Son 4 Farmer’s son Glenbucket
Robert Milne Lodger 73 Travelling Merchant Forfarshire

William Johnston Head 72 Farmer Glenbucket
Margaret Johnston Wife 59 Farmer’s wife Glenbucket
Alexander Johnston Son 33 Farmer’s son Glenbucket
Jane Johnston Daughter 31 Farmer’s daughter Glenbucket
Robert Johnston Son 28 Farmer’s son Glenbucket
William Johnston Son 14 Farmer’s son Glenbucket

1891 Census
Margaret Johnston Head 68 Farmer Glenbucket
Alexander Johnston Son 42 Farmer’s son Glenbucket
Robert Johnston Son 37 Farmer’s son Glenbucket
Mary A Johnston Daughter 32 Farmer’s daughter Glenbucket
Helen Johnston Daughter 29 Farmer’s daughter Glenbucket
William A1 Johnston Grandson 8 Scholar Glenbucket
Alexander2 Johnston Grandson 2 Glenbucket
1 son of Helen emigrated to Canada
2 son of Mary Ann emigrated to USA (later Alex Fraser after his father who brought him up as son of his marriage)

1901 Census
Alexander Johnston Head 53 Farmer Glenbucket
Jane Johnston Sister 51 Farmer’s sister Glenbucket
Robert Johnston Brother 47 Farmer’s brother Glenbucket
Margaret Johnston Sister 15 Farmer’s sister Glenbucket
Mary Ann Johnston Sister 12 Farmer’s sister Glenbucket
George Robert1 Johnston Nephew 4 Glenbucket
John2 Johnston Nephew 9 mo Glenbucket
1 son of Helen emigrated to Canada
2 son of Helen farmed at Beltimb & Milton

Gravestone in Glenbuchat Kirkyard
In mem. of John Brown who d. April 1817 a. 73 and Sophia Craigie his spouse d.1782 a. 22 also William Ogg late farmer in Beltim who d. 22nd March 1846 a. 79 and at his own request was interred in the burial ground belonging to his cousin Alexander Brown farmer in Beltim who er. this stone. Also Jane Gauld wife of the said Alexander Brown who d. 30th June 1869 a. 90 and his son-in-law William Johnston farmer Beltim d. 16th July 1885 a. 76 and of Margaret Brown his wife who d. 13th Dec. 1900 a. 79 and their dau. Mary Ann who d. 5th Oct. 1909 a. 51 also their son Robert who d. 19th Feb. 1917 a. 63 also their dau. Hellen widow of the late William McGee who d. 29th March 1920 a. 57 also their son Alexander d. 11th Feb. 1931 a. 83 also their dau. Jane who d. 5th March 1931 a. 81.

The official dates of deaths are:
Alexander Brown 25 June 1869
Jean Gauld 18 January 1859 (sometimes Jane sometimes Gould!)
William, Robert and Hellen are correct – the others I have not double checked yet.

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absolutely amazing,i am so intrigued with Scottish life of the past ,just read the Christian Watt papers also a wonderful insight to how life was in those days
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